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House Cocktails

Co-ma Sour

Earl grey gin, burbon, lemon, elderflower juice     110,-


Rum Vanilla Flip

Dark rum, vanilla syrup, grated nutmeg     110,-


Basil Pisco Sour

Barsol Pisco, lemon, basil syrup     110,-


The Barons Raspberry Brew

Gin, lemon, raspberry syrup, wheat beer     125,-


Waiting for Summer

Vodka, Passion Juice, lemon, vanilla syrup, mint      100,-



Blanco rum, dark rum, almond liqueur, triple sec, lime, mint, passion fruit juice



Classic Cocktails

2 identical cocktails      130,-

Torsdag indtil kl. 22.00 og Fredag indtil kl.20.00


Espresso Martini     85,-

Espresso, vodka, kahlua, frangelico


Mojito     85,-

Rum, lime, simple syrup, mint leafs, Ginger Ale


Boston Sour     85,-

Bourbon, lemon, sugar


Daiquri     85,-

Blanco rum, lemon, sugar


Dark An d Stormy     85,-

Rum, lime, simple syrup, angostura, Ginger Beer


Cucumber Collins     85,-

Gin, lemon, sugar, cucumber, soda


White Russian     85,-

Vodka, kahlua, cream


Bloody Mary     85,-

Vodka, tomato juice, tabasco, seleri, peber, worcestersauce


Tommy Style Magaritha     85,-

Tequila, lime & agava syrup


The Gin & Tonic Quartet


Best Gt     85,-

Geranium Gin & Fever Tree Tonic

-The Gin that shocked the world with it´s 13 prestigious awards and great taste. Oh, an it´s Danish!


Rose´s GT     85,-

Geranium Gin & fentimans Rose Lemonade

-A light, beautiful and fresh twist to the wellknown Gin & Tonic


Slow & Steady GT     90,-

Plymouth Sloe Gin, Beefeater & Fever Tree Tonic

-Sloe Gin has a distinct taste that differs a lot from the common gin. Perfect on a cold rainy day


Henfrick´s GT     100,-

Hendrick´s Gin & Fever Tree Tonic

-With a slice of cucumber this GT is one of Copenhagen´s favorites