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Co-ma Sour

Earl grey gin, burbon, lemon, hyldeblomst juice     110,-


Rum Vanilla Flip

Dark rum, vanilla syrup, muskatnød     110,-


Basil Pisco Sour

Barsol Pisco, lemon, basilikums sirup     110,-


The Barons Raspberry Brew

Gin, lemon, hindbær sirup, hvede øl     125,-


Waiting for Summer

Vodka, passion juice, lemon, vanilje sirup, mynte      100,-



Lys rom, mørk rom, mandel liqueur, triple sec, lime, mynte, passion juice





Espresso Martini

Espresso, vodka, kahlua, frangelico    85 kr.



Rom, lime, sirup, mynte blade, ginger ale    85 kr.


Boston Sour 

Bourbon, lemon, sukker    85 kr.



Lys rom, lemon, sukker    85 kr.


Dark And Stormy

Rom, lime, sirup, angostura, ginger beer    85 kr.


Cucumber Collins

Gin, lemon, sukker, agurk, sodavand    85 kr.


White Russian

Vodka, kahlua, cream    85 kr.


Bloody Mary

Vodka, tomat juice, tabasco, selleri, peber, worcestersauce    85 kr.


Tommy Style Magaritha

Tequila, lime & agave sirup    85 kr.





Best Gt

Geranium Gin & Fever Tree Tonic    85 kr.

-The Gin that shocked the world with it´s 13 prestigious awards and great taste. Oh, an it´s Danish!


Rose´s GT

Geranium Gin & fentimans Rose Lemonade    85 kr.

-A light, beautiful and fresh twist to the wellknown Gin & Tonic


Slow & Steady GT

Plymouth Sloe Gin, Beefeater & Fever Tree Tonic    90 kr.

-Sloe Gin has a distinct taste that differs a lot from the common gin. Perfect on a cold rainy day


Henfrick´s GT

Hendrick´s Gin & Fever Tree Tonic    100 kr.

-With a slice of cucumber this GT is one of Copenhagen´s favorites